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find actuaUy in operation. This part of the inquiry is in fact a necessar}'
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only when they are stricken with an acute recurrence of
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trap water as follows, viz. : If inch, 1^ inch, 1% inch, 1 inch, £ inch, ■§
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To fix the Barometer. — Choose a place with a good light, yet protected
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they are to be carried. These tickets should be prepared before the march,
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soldier. As long as he is marching, no great harm results ; and if at night
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of carbon is burned. This seems, from experiments made at Netley by
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internship atTouro Infirmary. During World War II, Dr Jondahl
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Calvert's powder is carbolic acid, about 20 to 30 per cent., mixed with
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Lederle Laboratories — The Board authorized Lederle
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Members of the FMA, Inc., adopted by the House of Delegates,
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(LCME) is responsible for accrediting medical schools.
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the west coast of Africa for this purpose, with apparently good results.
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months free rent. The Woodlands Hospital, 320 Greenville Avenue,
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gine, the condensed water being blown through to the rear of the train
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programs designed to increase minority representation in
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of carbon is burned. This seems, from experiments made at Netley by
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between the lines, so to speak, as readily in that area, be-
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serves on the staff of Ben Taub General Hospital and is a
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improved methods of observation, but to the more complete recognition of
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Patients with “pure” noncalcific mitral stenosis in
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also pay tribute to their parents, and their wives and
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(a) Weight. — The weight of the body should be ascertained at the be-
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was the cause of this child’s major health problem. Treat-
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on the effect of climate, we must allow that, not only for the West Coast,
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— Followup of patients with acute salpingitis is essential during and
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demanded, for exact experiments are wanting. Our best guide at present
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preceding three-year cycle. County medical societies
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tion of the mind. It is but a partial view which looks only to the body in
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Presently director of neuroradiology and special procedure section of