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station in the same latitude. The mortality has varied as much as three-

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resistant to the prophylactic antibiotics used. Extensive clini-

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Health Science Center at San Antonio. Fee $1 00. AAFP; AOA; Cate-

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Recommended dosage for children — 8 mg/kg trimethoprim

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Physician's Recognition Award; AAFP; CEARP; 4 hours. Contact

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The dissenting justice stated that the Association should be

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disease. It also absorbs hydrogen sulphide. Its power of purifying air

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ts ( American hookworm ) in single or mixed infections

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work while taking this drug. There are rare reports of infants. 6

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false aneurysms among post-traumatic aneurysms leads

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Konstantinou, Ilias, Sarasota; born 1920; University of

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40. Weller MH : The roentgenographic course and complications of hyaline

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1, AMA Physician’s Recognition Award, 1 hour weekly. Contact G.T.

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and making soup, making tea and coffee, cooking preserved vegetables,

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the sewage is still poured into it at a lower point, it will ultimately be disposed of by

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summer nights being first selected to train him. It will soon be found

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concentration as the previously described regimen, but is

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again in active motion. The amount of SO„ evolved in the air was 1.16 per

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increasing evaporation from the body, and they certainly do away with the

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cially is evidently affected by the action of the voluntary muscles, and this

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through a screen consisting of 32 or 33 No. 10 wires in six inches. Nichols, Water

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licensure of birth centers and reporting home births, prison and jail

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counties now only have an 85% ratio of hospital births. During 1977,

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acute phase of the disease. In approximately one-third of

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Of these different modes of treating water to improve its quality, boil-

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it easier to deal with the print than electronic media. The TV

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These are very generally salubrious, unless rendered dangerous by local