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Baylor Annual Radiology Conference— 1981 Adam's Mark Hotel,
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5. Survey of graduate medical education programs — all programs in Texas
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" Before deducing any rules for practice from these experiments, it must
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maintenance phase (a diuretic alone or in combination
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(9) "A vent pipe, one foot long, and one and a half inch diameter,
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made at rest, the patient is walked on a treadmill until
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Impurities : Mineral. — The character and amount of the mineral impu-
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detailed tumor survey, six distinct groups of patients
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The incidence of sudden unexpected death in patients
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mias. hypertension or hypotension and circulatory collapse Gastro-
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draped and prepared for cardiopulmonary bypass in an
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professionals with well-defined job responsibilities. An
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evaluation was carried out at that time. Following the
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Dundee JW: Intravenous Anaesthetic Agents. London, Ed-
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No. 9, New Orleans, La. — Odor of the water, like swamp water. Cistern (wooden),
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LOVELY SOUTHWESTERN CLIMATE — Multispecialty group seeking in-
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Find a pine that has been struck by lightening, cut a toothpick from it and pick your teeth. This will
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Organic Nitrogen and Organic Carbon. — Professor Frankland has pro-
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