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4 Hofmann and Blyth, Report on Metropolitan Water Supply, London, 1850.
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individual by right of birth. Such words are but echoes from
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the French army, and a military gymnastic-school exists at Vincennes,
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guidelines, standards and program review in much the same manner as the Department of Education oversees local
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French at home, all cases (1862-66), Prussian (1859-63) in hospitals, 18.9
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of what is being said. He understood well enough the
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Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach. For information: Bernard F. Germain,
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*Dr. Clouston's case the sewage was 300 yards from the ward where the
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have improved our understanding of SIDS so that it is
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As an organization accredited for continuing medical education, the
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opened in December, 1878, and a prize of $500 was offered " for the best
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The number of soldiers under 20 years of age is so small that no con-
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of reimbursement paid to medicare providers in a way that would indivi-
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associated with health. General practice and primary
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tended to be less. Hospital ships were also used during the Egyptian
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air of a room, by heating a platinum wire by a Bunsen cell ; by half im-
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demonstrate an adequate cause for death.” 1 It is the
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Beale's observations be correct, post-mortem examinations often show pre-
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or parts of a pound on a square foot of surface. Osier's anemometer, as
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(c) Individuals (now mostly 11 to 17 years old) who
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endoscopic procedures; use topical anesthetic, have necessary coun-
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counts and liver function tests advisable during protracted
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and spatial concepts. Right-brain thinking is nonrational, in-
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to be due to the action of an organized ferment in the soil, 7 hence water
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effort and attention has been expended to avoid infection
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normal human dose, the safety of this drug for use in human pregnancy has not
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ance of the water is concerned, and may be attended with the most serious
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change from the 1974 schedule which listed APPG as the
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director of Spring Shadows Glen, a psychiatric hospital
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and moral causes acting on the men under their charge.