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the smaller pipes less room to flow in and a consequent increase of friction,

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but, ironically, died shortly thereafter from appendicitis.

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year of service is more than one-third greater than among the army gen-

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tin tube. To prevent the noise of the engine reaching the room, a tube of

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consistent with military conditions, and to place the rest of the men on

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services, and before the institution of more liberal

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men cooked by turns, and for short periods only. Now, cooks are regularly

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the fact, stating that the difference in the health of the Prussian soldiers who carried

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graduates which have been increasing steadily — 36% in

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the NHS, and yet British citizens refer to it as a “free" ser-

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accordance with accepted standards. To the extent that a

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1 The history of the old St. James's Barracks in Trinidad is too remarkable to be

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similar to those used by Kiang and Kennedy. 12 All other

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of the soil and the size of the flush tank. The tank here shown

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The diminution over the years previously noted (1826-46) is extra-

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hygrometer of Saussure will often mark 37°, which is equal to only 45 per

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conditions of sewerage or improper disposal of refuse, which, it may be

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All the best to you — and the love of God and man

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approved the scientific program presented by Yank D. Coble, M.D.,

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with any of the news media. At this point I became furious

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tight belt) ; there was a broad strap weighted below with a heavy pouch

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been noticed in persons working in diving-bells, etc., or in those submitted

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and from streets much organic debris which £>ollutes streams, and that the

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pletion of the series with DEV. Information regarding the

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deaths were considered a social rather than a medical

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the complications of IABC cannot be ignored. Morbidity