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Dose: Wineglassful of two ounces to the pint of infusion.

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FEES: $125.00 including luncheon on Saturday, September 22, 1979. ($10.00 extra for spouse or guest at luncheon)

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physicians within a larger organization, such as a hospital,

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denly, without injury, a great amount of work. To do this there is nothing

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3. The Supply of Drugs and Apparatus. — The chief point is to econo-

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plegia or hypothermia is the more important. Behrendt 3

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pressure chiefly) ranks very high in all anperaic affections from whatever

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ing acetate of lime, tar, gas) are sufficient to pay the cost, and it is said

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At that most critical period of life the recruits can be brought under judi-

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smothering. Poverty, sexism (male oriented society),

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the bottom, and is made by forcing smoke up the drains and pipes by

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control and suppression the National Government should bear its proper

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The amount of heart disease was formerly great, and probably arose

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levels to clinical response. Is it sufficient simply to add the

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wirh nirtosonaphrhol reagent. Safe use in pregnancy hos

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the head of climate, are changes in the state in which oxygen exists (for no

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trap, and ten pails discharged in succession, with the result of losing the

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Our medical colleagues have shown convincingly that in

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copper in nitric acid and a little water. The nitrogen dioxide which is

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tations, a certain space drawn to scale representing a number. The most

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of the disease in times of famine seems to indicate that feebleness and in-

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Medical Center and currently serves as chairman of the TMA

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these for individual localities by a study of the local winds, clouds, and

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doctors ask for too much personal information. Hospitals were the

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3 Sewage Treatment, more especially as affecting the pollution of the River Lea, a

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33. Sagel SS, Wimbush P, Goldenberg DB: Tension pneumopericardium

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been made to certain theories which are now engaging the attention of

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Florida Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons

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pregnancy when instituting therapy; advise patients to

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Contact Sue Moreno, Office of Continuing Medical Education,

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associated with the individual’s selection of a small commu-

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