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until significant remission occurs. Such patients should not have access to large
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Hall, Tampa. For information: R. V. Farese, M.D., University of South
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guage before manuscripts can be reviewed for possible publication:
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references are required. Please send to: Mr. Dale A. Smith, Assistant
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mother to share the newly developed skills. The interaction
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Inspections for cleanliness are made in many regiments. They should
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pheric vicissitudes, would still occur ; but the ravages of typhus, enteric
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Usage in Pregnancy: Use of minor tranquilizers during the first trimester should olmost
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culty of efficient management. The advocates of this second view would,
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plans to fit their personal situations. It also helps eliminate duplicate benefits, resulting in more
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right ventricular endocardial electrograms, and on the
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Literature. — The following are a few of the more important works on
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5. Vetto, R.M.. The Treatment of Unilateral Iliac Artery Obstruction With Trans-
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The opinion that the military suffer more than the civil population from
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a constantly repeated series of events (say the mortality to a given popula-
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include in this review brief mention of drugs under investiga-
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Even when the workmanship is perfect, a result but rarely found, the
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The American Physicians Art Association will have its Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, November 4-7,
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seizure provoking asynchronous discharges might abate. In
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