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plan in effect supercedes a position occupied solely by
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1. Nelson, J. H.: Atlas of Radical Pelvic Surgery. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1969,
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Such being the system, it will be desirable to consider certain points.
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well as the inspection of the food and cooking and of the slaughter-houses.
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gradual and results may not be observed for 3-4 weeks
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symptoms and occasional fatal presentation. Surgical
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a drier atmosphere than that of England, and Western Europe, and that
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solidation of the sacrum only commences at the 18th year, and is com-
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to ventilate as perfectly as possible all casemates which, even if now dis-
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construction program, plans are already being made to
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in large quantity. When water is also present, and if the temperature of
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his service he has a smaller mortality ? The causes may be foreign ser-
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Director of Coopers and Lybrand. This article is a summary of his remarks.
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derstands what that doctor is talking about. I can’t write
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2 By the term isolation is meant the placing a patient in a separate building, not in
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moulding early monetary policies. Before he died in 1819
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menting on a large scale, the committee at last recommended a plan which,
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zation, arthralgia and allergic myocarditis. Gastrointestinal reac-
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nesia, and lime. These salts render the waters which they carry intensely
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what line on the vernier corresponds exactly to a line on the scale. Then
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Therapy, Cancer of the Uterus and Ovary. Chicago, Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc.,
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susceptible provides strong evidence that the disease is
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bottles of 100 and 500; Tel-E-Dose® packages of 100, available in
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service and significant contributions to the UT System and
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monly encountered than previously. 222933353842 Moodie re-
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and functions of county medical society executives to the Committee
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closed carriages for two hours. If troops are moved by rail, they are not to use latrines,
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from disease of the lungs was 3.4 per 1,000 ; while in the years 1830-36
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diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis. In the vascular lab