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thought no more about it until I received another letter
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relocate. Please reply to Ad-180, TEXAS MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar
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cubic inches. It is always best, however, to use a gauge made by a regular maker, if
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Sub-Section IV. — Habits and Customs of the Troops.
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dictates further treatment while the author bases his approach solely on the clinicopathologic behavior
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of services, and the evaluation of the quality of services
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requiring urgent coronary revascularization after peri-
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ent impossibility, or at least, so far as we can now see, the insuperable dif-
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in the hulks and prisons where Spanish, French, and Russian prisoners of
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Cement Linings. — Cement linings, containing as they do more or less
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antibiotics in the urine and 7,336 antibody tests were performed on 3,668 sera. An analysis of the
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Points to be attended to in the Erection and Conservancy of Camps.
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subsequently fell into disrepute. Recent advancements in
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tion is greatly heightened by poor feeding, anamiia, and probably by
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and when flow is again detected, the systolic ankle
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3.5 mEq/liter is considered to be indicative of hypokalemia.
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a ball-in-cage design (Fig. 1), for which the Starr-Edwards
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sections for Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, all day Friday, and
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healthy station (Masulipatam) in India is credited with a much greater degree of health
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within the governing processes of this Association.
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soldiers, and that is the exertion (often rapid and long continued) which some
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soil is the result. Besides this consideration, the mere filling up of a wet
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Publication of any article or statement is not to be deemed an en-
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STEPHEN WEISZ, MD 653 Wadley Tower, Dallas, Texas; 824-3660
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parents then are given a “documentation form” in which
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weathered granite, and the numerous rice-fields. Indeed, to the latter
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hemodynamically significant stenosis of the internal
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the contents were sucked away by the apparatus. In Leyden the material is sold in bar-
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noted on most of his previous chest roentgenograms, the
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portion of one basin to four men. The basins are of slate or iron. In
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ing and rapidly carrying away the morbid substances evolved in such