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and to the well being of the structures beneath it, that existence
portant factor in keeping up the mischief originated by the rheumatic
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calculated to improve the physical and moral well being of her chil-
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of which I have just spoken, and the granular and waxy degenera-
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musculiir substance of the heart is inflamed; for the occurrence
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cised, is rudely interrupted by the renal disease. Although it is, perhaps,
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Inasmuch as obesity and corpulence are not amenable to medici-
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solute rest is necessary before normal respiration and cardiac action
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if applied early. The following is the most efficient solution :
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shoulder blade, in dyspepsia at the place usually described as the pit
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believes that dangerous poisons may be resorbed from the stagnating
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Albumen in the urine is easily discovered by means of boiling a
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the operation of causes which would not have sufficed to induce the
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not yet been established. At birth, this direct opening between the
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In their order of invasion the bursse upon the great toe and the
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have night sweats; they are among the unfavorable symptoms of
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be left around in sight of the patient, but are to be carried away as soon
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finds its nidus in muscle. The i^ropagation of this poison in muscle
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statistics of the Charite Hospital in Berlin I gather the f ollo-odng :
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The condition is usually detected during infancy by the staining of
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inconvenience, and the patient will bless the day which emancipated
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disease, denied that it was clue to any cerebral lesion, and placed it
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The gravity of the case depends upon the amount of damage t- x-
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is affected, the voice is altered, there is a cough, accompanied by
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gravity of the disease — diminishes immediately upon the intercur-
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of Minkowski (as described in the paper of H. Wolpe in the Archw
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dermic use of medicine, while it should be employed exclusively by
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duce a more or less troublesome distention of the stomach and tym-
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No more pitiable object can be imagined than the victim of chronic
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odically recurring during the course of a long lifetime.
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expression is anxious. The pulse is quick and the temperature high.
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with the act of breathing, and walking about is performed with less
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may result from this daily and long continued effort to void the
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establishment of permanent disability. The whole course of events
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the heart is overburdened and begins to fail the stomach becomes
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retained debris. Miscarriages are often attended with a large degree
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in three or four days. In sickness the urine is often highly colored,
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Trustees and the Medical Board, an operating theatre,
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the milk itself. In this way all but a very few can be taught and
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The age at which diabetes develops is between thirty and forty