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quite as good as that of the rest. In some cases the pulse was quicker

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fication complete. It should also be stated that there are a number

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normal fundus oculi. The urine (twenty hours) was l(MM) c.c, .specific gravity 1.016,

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all tell the tale of extra strain thrown upon the right side of the heart.

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It was found that only fresh bile has a neutralizing effect on tetanus toxin,

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Surgery . . . . C. C. CHOYCE. C.M.G., C.B.E., F.R.C.S.

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Case XVII. — Period of observation from August 22, 1912, to August 30,

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the reaction positive in 59 and negative in 51. Classification of the positive

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l'encephalite lethargique. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1920, 3 e ser.,

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writers have not alone a wide knowledge of neuropathology, but also a ripe

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baeus's method.] TJgesk. f. Lxger., 1921, 83, 243-9.

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parent, and a healthy child in existence, and assurances of no

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irradiated (pelvis, head and neck, thorax). The findings in numerous cases

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mate to assume that the cardiac disturbances were not secouchiry

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was 180-200 with a very definite foetal rhythm, whereas before the attack

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be benefited or relieved by amyl nitrite (or other nitrites) in addi-

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of themselves they acquire also the germs of consciousness of the