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tially 2 to 2'/ 2 mg once or twice daily, increasing. gradually as needed or
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— A lengthy section (394.459 (3)(a) has been added
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generally, by cold and wet, and mental and moral depression.
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Dr. Partes has declared in the text that, in spite of the difficulties
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recognizing the medical and health care costs have increased in part
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actually of carotid origin. When the stenosis of the
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said, “our challenges in the 80s will be to maintain the quality
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this kind, both among their own nations and others. As they have to make
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midity of the air, rarefaction of the air, degree of exposure or shading,
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When the -workmen leave the compressed air they are said to suffer from
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hypoglycemic agents, sulfonamides have caused rare instances
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He was born in Temple, Tex, and attended Rice University
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No. 8, Broad St., St. James Parish, London, England, 1854. — The number of cases is
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projDortion it does among non-commissioned officers and privates. The
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that births and deaths should be reported to the town clerk by parents and
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cooled in the inlet shaft by spray from a perforated pipe. When the tem-
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The minimum thermometers are liable to get out of order — first, by carriage, when
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carelessness had to be involved in overlaying, and that
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depends on the size of the bore, and whether the mercury has been boiled
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to the year 1873, since which time the detailed returns have been discon-
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never be forgotten. Ophthalmic cases ought also to be isolated.
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and removed. The use of movable caps runs the risk of leakage, it
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the conduction system, either by HIS Bundle studies or
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separate occasions since October 1, 1978. Before the
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refused a West Point appointment because black cadets
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tions, the clinician can calculate loading and maintenance
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weakness and nervousness. Miscellaneous reactions: Drug fever,
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Europe. Nor is it possible to determine the influence of heat alone on the
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eral known contraindications to the use of thrombolytic
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and the public are not trained in medical subjects. They must
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ultimate language of clinical care. It is suggested to
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