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The perflation of the wind should be obtained as freely as possible. The

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and dihydro-beta-ergocryptine in the proportion of 2:1) mesylate 0.333 mg, repre-

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mated, the Hussars and Sepoys were as healthy as if they had been in

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because of loss of the valve support at the annulus due to

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renders them very intractable to treatment. This is the case with dysen-

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participate. The program will work to bring the jails up to

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a concentrated educational program for FMA members including

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organs begins very early in the military career. In 1860-62 Dr. Parkes

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Prof. H. C. Wood, in a recent article on this subject, states that Santa

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face and axilla respond well to hydrocortisone alone. On

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Hirsch has pointed out that the Pali plague differs from the Egyptian plague in having

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Renal: Albuminuria, increased excretion of renal tubular cells and red blood cells:

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good up-current. The area of the shafts is ordered ' to be 1 square inch

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President of the Greater Miami Radiological Society.

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nized, and a diagnosis of neuroses of anxiety established.

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ing. They consist of loams or clays, saturated with water and highly im-

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Amoxicillin 50 mg/kg orally with probenecid 25 mg/kg

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inch, it will be seen that its twenty-five divisions only equal twenty-four

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were 16 cases out of 221 men, or 72 per 1,000 of strength. In 1862 there

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observations of clinical import have surfaced: (1 ) the start of

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No prophylactic medicine is known ; quinine is quite useless.

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the Secretary General of the WMA from its founding, of

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mittee, therefore, recommend only dining-rooms for the men, to be arranged near the

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philatelic research. If weaving in personalized data

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is much more easy. There are times when the strictest virtue may well

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trate the soil to indefinite distances, probably borne by the "ground-

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The Sun Maximum or Solar Radiation Thermometer is formed by a

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Treatment,” Frank C. Spencer, M.D., Professor and

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constituents. For thoracic surgeons, the Coordinating

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State. The following summary of some of these new laws

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prove a focus of disease for others. The drinking water should be con-

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wet things up to dry ; when dry they should be shaken well, and put by

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The 1978 course was patterned after the first year of

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localized, for the troops were suffering severely, while the health officer for the port

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to collapse. Perhaps this is what the plaintiff’s attorneys

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expense to the Government by using cipher words (such as "hub," which

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great interest, but it is not easy to determine it experimentally, and no in-