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never against it or with it if it can be avoided. The spreading by the winds
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College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030
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months to one year after the onset. Operation was done
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Take this microprocessor-controlled Horizon® Communications System
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minimum. 2 According to Scott, the approximation to the true mean is very
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shelter for travelers on difficult journeys. Current use of
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3. New rabies vaccine available in Texas: Texas Morbidity This Week, Texas
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tions is more subtle and often more difficult to diagnose
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their families, and among their friends. Training includes
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be free ; and if kept in full occupation, and as far as possible shielded from
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Public Relations Association presented the FMA with two Awards of
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One ton of London or Rugby sewage contains only from 2 lb to 3 ft) of
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Born in Wellington, Tex, Dr Watkins received his premedi-
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general formation of the body, and especially of the chest ; the condition
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chosen as the cornerstone upon which the investigation of
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convection may be both considered under the head of convection.
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during medieval times? First, it should be noted that
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Thoracic surgery is represented by the AATS and the
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suggested in several studies. Consider possibility of
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or to be placed at once in boding water, to every gallon of which 2 ounces
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1 Tuffier, T.: Etat actuel de la chirurgie intrathoracique. Tr. Internat. Congr. M, Lond. 1913,
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Community Hospital, Boca Raton. For information: Dorothy M.
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The variation in the prevalence of different diseases at a particular
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“ The correlation of spasm relief and drug given was excellent. ”
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the body surface is affected, especially if the patient
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phenomena in the diseased body proceeds with the same regularity and
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applicants, and to issue licenses to physicians and physician extendors.
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modifications were needed to stabilize and modernize the plan. The new Income Protection
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4 Especially in the Mauritius outbreaks, where parties of coolies coming from places-
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FMA Future Meeting Approved 1980 meeting dates of the
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is borne out by a recent survey which estimated the
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The total number of first-year positions was 81 6 in 1 978
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to be best arrested by chloroform, carbolic acid, prussic acid, and strong