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Fig. 8 Reconstruction from four of the sections (sections 182 to 185) in-

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it is so devoid of smell, that they are not prevented thereby

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between two affections that are in other respects so dissimilar,

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Openings in the anterior Portio?i of the Male Urethra. By

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Here, as in respect of another elementary form of disease, viz., inflamma-

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ployment at forty-four, so that except as an emetic we meet

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Nervous System. — Pain in the head is more or less complained of dur-

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(Scomber) there is an ophthalmicus trigemini, but neither ramus

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from each other, although in appearance very much alike. It

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The growth of the tumors is generally extremely slow, and hence, the

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locus coeruleus and two mesencephalic root cells from the in-

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paring tliese statistics it is seen tliat the cases reported by Dr. Davies

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Robebtson, T. B. 1908 On the normal rate of growth of an individual and

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tion of the two bones, however, is still well marked by two

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water before dehydrating makes the molecular layer more likely

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hydatid cysts may contain only the remains of echinococci, viz., shreds

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quadrilateral membrane (fig. 130, elongated radially and

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in any other malad}- involving an equal amount of danger, the disease is

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perfect foetus passes, without entering the placenta, into the

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of several rows of globules, are marked with transverse as well as

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Other fibers of larger size are also present in the mucosa. These

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iron-haematoxyhn staining. More slender nerve strands in the

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with the same strength of stimulus, pressor and depressor results

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foetus in utero, as an effect of physical injury, and also sponta-

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womb. The dissection of this case, from the care and judg-

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Diffei-ent modes of cooking should be resorted to with a view to variet3\

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through the whole length of Mauthner's cell, without any bifiu*-

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comfortable general health and a long duration of life.

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coxas senilis. Garrod proposes to call it rlieumatoid arthritis^ and this

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which produce or promote the gouty diathesis, and of exciting causes,

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Irish who live there are not so changeable a population as in

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pneumonia, redema of lungs or any appreciable pulmonary affection, de-

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5 to 13 are from a transverse series of 20ft sections through a brain stem of a

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