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Tlie art of medicine thus consists of a series of rules of action directing
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states that the number of sick greatly exceeded that of wounded.
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half full of women thus suffering. During that year, I consider that I
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how much easier it is to learn how to do a thing by being shown the
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position there bestowed upon them, he, in his superior wisdom, must assume other
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Association to bear so powerfully upon the Houses of Parliament and
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three or four hundred cigars and a few pounds of chocolate among the
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acid (one part of the acid to twenty of water) into the joint, where it
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so much_ with the study of comparative anatomy by all others than
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Mr. Solly has intimated to the Council of the College of Surgeons
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cure by ligature. The patient (an old soldier) was forty-five years of
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quite through it ; arid men engaged on any one subject have their work
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ferring to books. But what was meant by irritation? In sciatica the
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the whole aspect of the case, from the first a severe one, was more
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whether the process set up in the particular diseases attributed to germs
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word 'unreality' advisedly ; I do not say 'scanty'; on the contrary, there
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precursory symptoms of such an epidemic. It was not till the autumn
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S.B. — 3 lbs. Syr\ip of Chloral, or 1 lb. Nepenthe and 1'. lbs. Syrup of Chloral, sent carriage paid to any Railway Station in the Kingdom, oa
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During the ensuing session, papers will be read by Robert Rawlinson,
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the direction of a recognised Teacher, during not less than three
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yielded to their entreaties, and, encouraged by a few words from one
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admitted to Examination on the following Qualifications. The Degree
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Bachelor in Medicine, or Doctor in Medicine, each £ii.
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do occur in certain cases, and that the parts concerned have certain
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On making out a list of the houses in which scarlet fever had showed
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years since I began the study of medicine ; and the changes have
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returns as were contemplated in 1868 by our Joint Committee ; which
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incident has rarely occurred. A career of unusual brilliancy and
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that the grand aim of therapeutics w^ to "senarate arHdpnt^l .^1
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substance has already been brought before our readers. We shall
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that time Sir William's discrimination and judgment sliowed a way of
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they were not used after a fashion of which Mr. Lister would approve :
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mostly among homed cattle, pigs being affected in some instances. In
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trusted to a different laundress — was now, after undergoing immersion
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appeared confused on being questioned ; seemed to have a desire to
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Births, etc., for the Tramore Dispensary District : 26lh,
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cf the symptoms given of acute hepatitis by Frank, propagation of pain