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was precipitated in November and December of that year.

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Sciences — National Research Council and/or other infor-

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parts per 58,327.5 ; and others, parts per 58,372.2.

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(“normals”). 6 In contrast to the normals, the psychiatric

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During 1970 there was an average of one “Thoracic

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Pregnancy Although rat and human reproductive studies have not

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Description: Each Anusol-HC Suppository contains hydrocortisone ace-

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on the other hand, prevents the development of the latter, but is no disin-

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spendable income received after taxes and other payroll deductions have been taken into

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disease in the lower extremities. Doppler ankle pressure

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military and civil practitioners, and from the fact that many soldiers re-

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weeks) in a regimen ot weight reduction based on caloric restriction.

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alum, and terebene (a hydrocarbon derived from turpentine by treatment

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specialist he referred her to could better explain it to her.

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Dose: Two tablespoonsful of one ounce to the pint of

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10 strips of 10; Prescription Paks of 50, available singly and in

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peripheral neuritis, mental depression, convulsions, ataxia, hal-

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"Regular bodily pleasurable exercise has been said to be worth a host

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6.394 per cent, annually, instead of 5.100 as above stated."