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Th« i*L ^''^^ratioij Of Stsrrter., Th« starter Is made from a mother. culture.

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Beatrice W. Hawkins, Julius Rhodes, J. H. Wallace, A. J. Weigen, Katherine

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such further oonditionB as may be prescribed from time to time by our Secretuy

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service, and to proceed on foreign service when required to do so.

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time the child's general health has been completely restored. He is well

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With all this there is a curious childishness which is never met with in the

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orrhage into the brain is common. It is due most frequently to traumatic

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prizes, £16, £10, £5. Third winter: College prizes, £20, £15, £10.

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4. There is only one special college for military physicians and surgeons in St.

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reference to the Parsing and Grammar generally. (2) Cicero, De Amidtia and

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Lumbar Myelitis. — Upper extremities free. Motor, and eventually sen-

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administration of small doses of sodium iodid. But care must always be

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In each, class a weekly examination is lield to test tlie progress of the

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disturbance in the function of the interossei have reached a certain degree, the

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Direct treatment may best be employed by the aid of electricity.

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aetiology is doubtful. There are usually mild prodromata — vertigo, headache,

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tumors as occur in myelogenous leukaemia are exceptional. Still, we saw a

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ii. Ilio-inguinal nerve, il. Lateral perforating branches, and ia, anterior perforating

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Symptoms. Mania. — Mania may come on suddenly, possibly as a sequel

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of the disease, the neurasthenic himself, as a rule, claims to suffer from count-

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the candidate must (under lock and key) answer two questions chosen by lot, of

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vulgar and decimal fractions; Algebra, including simple equations;

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Toward the end of life Cheyne-Stokes's respiration. Danger of pneumonia.

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detemine if the product is from an ^^xov^A source, ^

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degree of Doctor or that of Pharmacist, to enable them to visit

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jective symptoms we must mention especially pains in the part which was

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haying received snch instruction. No stndents are allowed at the Female-

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have services in the Hospital so that a large number of beds are available for clerkships

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Diplomats. — Candidates who pass the Final examination receive the