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A much more serious matter is the vice of drinking, which many re-
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should permit some movement of air over the head, and therefore openings,
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constant or minute attention to one's own health. Such care will defeat
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attitude should be taken toward several demonstration projects before
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receive academic credit for their participation in the program.
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ture of the Upper and Lower Stations being added and divided by 2.
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Louis Bauer I obtained a position on the staff of a
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the sun. Such air is also relatively very dry, and absorbs water eagerly
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remained in New Orleans to serve an internship and surgical
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of fever, from bad sanitary conditions in great part ; a liability to stomach
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Marches, especially if hurried, sometimes lead men to neglect their
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in the private practice of urology and had been clinical pro-
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related stimulant drugs that have been extensively abused. There
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child-carers by neighbors. The story of crib death is a
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avoided. But one great boon can be given to him ; a waterproof sheet,
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gas stove. Mr. Eassie speaks very well of this stove, which he has put up
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Sewage may not cause Disease. — It is, however, undoubtedly true that
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4. Breisch WF: Impact of medical school characteristics in location of phy-
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was traced to a barracks twenty-five miles up the stream, is quoted in Mass. State Board
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and the cleaning of arms and accoutrements, are all kinds of work, the
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to 366° Fahr. or even boiled. Disinfection, if Bacteridia are to be destroyed,
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University Medical Center in 1956 and received a U.S.
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There are reports of patients who have increased the dosage to many
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President of the American Medical Association Auxiliary; Mrs. Fred P. Swing of Charlotte Harbor, President-Elect; and Mrs.
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need of such a relentless search for self-assurance. He en-
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crease in the organic nitrogen ('?), though the suspended matters are less (from 2.8 to
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reasons for objecting to the tunnel plan, unless the utmost care were taken to prevent
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Association Awards Contest for County Medical Society Bulletins will
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helpful in management of those unfortunate patients who
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