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favorably with any avocation in the world tention to the fact, that, so far as my in-

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system is affected in three different ways : there is increased

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terior wall, and (4) lessen the outlet : thus sharp curette; this to be followed by a high

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of the mixture, and if much straining be noticed a drop of lau-

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very often the case ; but even when death of the tissue results

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With a few hints about the mode of procedure, and by the exercise of a

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But what I have just stated regarding this new mode of treating

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ed, and which may serve to distinguish the degrees -or modifications

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should be as thorough as possible, special The pulse gives the most reliable indi-

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tion for many years it sometimes happens that the disease does

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evacuate the entire contents of the cyst, and to bring its oppo-

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the same mode of infection. Exceptions, however, are not rare.

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culture products are remedies for tuber- as we haue said, the clinical, natural course

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disease. It is this latter point to which I wish to direct par-

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ing, with the blessing of Providence, precisely the same tiling every day !

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by any of the followers of Hahnemann, without finding presented

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expressed to him my fears as to the result of the case; but he was incredulous, as he

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* See The Lancet. July 1848; and "On a Xew Mode of Treating Deafness, ia,"

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will be at once manifest, if the reader will take the trouble to place

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used only in the first stage on account of then go over the abdomen the second time,

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difl'used manner throughout the grey substance of the nervous

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Retains its full bactericide efficiency in the presence of soap suds.

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her life. There is danger of waiting too long, as then the patient

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Spores have not been observed. It is actively motile and a variable

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considerable experience in the treatment of this disease during

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