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One of the medical staff members resented this require-
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Administration Medical Center, and Associate Clinical Professor, Department
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sans it would have been ready for 1,000 sick in three months. Smaller huts could
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to gastroesophageal reflux and aspiration is difficult, and
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satisfaction of the Judicial Council, the problems involving the
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a Marques, reviewed in an excellent article in the British and Foreign Medico-Chir.
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tinuing Medical Education, Gail Borden Bldg, UT Medical Branch,
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staff training program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is
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healthier than grocers (8.4), farmers (8,56), weavers and cotton-spinners
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therefore important to determine the effects of exercise, and the amount
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gesting hematological spread. Medical treatment involves
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body approves the medical staff’s recommendation for
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supplemented by funds made available from the Florida
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were of interest to it during the course of last year. One particular
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benefits, and a postponement of scheduled increases in
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tremendous cost-saving initiative. All but two of the 243
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neurological sequelae. He accomplished the first appendec-
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hours weekly). Contact Marilyn Rennels, Office of Continuing Edu-
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1,000 ; and in 1860 they were 147.9 per 1,000. In the early period there
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Urology, Feb. 6-9, Hotel Intercontinental, Miami. For information:
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edge of sanitary matters among the people generally, which every physician
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the one he takes off to dry, and in the morning beat it out and shake
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5 . you can recommend it in any of the three convenient package
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(As a service to participants in the TMA Members Retirement Plan and to physicians in enrolling in the program, comparative performance for investments are listed
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and vessel disease in the army. It appears to be very large, and to be attributable, in
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four out of 24, 14 out of 48, and zero out of 30 cases of
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or advise the patient he must be discharged or make
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mal because of inadequate nutrition or “silent” systemic
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1 Sennebier, quoted by Cbevallier, Traite des Desinfect., p. 146, and A. Smith.
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Progress in Cardiology — 1979, Sept. 12-14, Mt. Sinai Medical
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The same careful process by which medical staffs delin-
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expense to the Government by using cipher words (such as "hub," which
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Law and the Emergency Department, Jan. 11, Miami. For
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