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proved, and in a few weeks the new pupil closed again. After this

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the introduction of any non-metallic body into the wound. And

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arise and produce movement, without volition, or actually in

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taken for it and been described under the same name. Dr. Wm. Budd points

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affections he describes. — Btdleiin General de Thirapeutique^ May 15,

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Woch., Nos. 42 and 43. Cases occurring in the late war in

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Posture, however, is a very important factor, if not

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contrary, the abortion of the pustules renders this disease less severe, since it

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of a process of reflection, must needs contain a conception of the end

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crystal or deposit as a mode of diagnosis ; and he mentions that he has

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should therefore immediately evert the lids and inform ourselves of their con-

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the mother on the foetus in utero, and brings about the series

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In tbe first ten months of the year 1864^ the wind blew from

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extraTasations in the course of the vessels^ which are slowly

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ment consequent on a residence close to the sea. The climato-

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(vide ' Wochenschrifl fur die gesammte Heilkunde,' No. 1, 1837); also the

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these, two died of mortification of the wound resulting from it, both operations

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as well as every other form of scrofulous ophthalmia, is connected with

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The cervix of the uterus was congested, and presented an appearance

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noise, opens a current, the spark of which is seen, and a moment

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to the loins, dry cupping to the breasts, stimulant enemata,

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treatment has been unsuccessful, but where the nature of the patho-

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peculiarly vulnerable to the disease, notably negroes

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Neutral Ground, about a quarter of a mile nearer the Eock than

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tive or inflammatory character, in some important tissue of the body, sus-

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a medal. The upper piece of the sternum was absent. It lived twenty-

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in an immovable apparatus during a month. At the end of this time the small

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the left ventricle measures 2 cm. thick. The mitral

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do not answer to the description of irido-cyditis. It is evident that

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with newly-formed elements in their walls. Hence, no place

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services of full time physician to direct collection

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cautious men will follow him, and to receive it as a sufficient

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