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greater will be the distribution space and greater the required

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The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland and New York's Suffolk County

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■ Action at urinary/vaginal/lower bowel sites helps

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Plastic, Reconstructive,

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adopt English rules, and the English would be equally unwilling to accept

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David j. Katrana, dds, md Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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mere drying up of the secretion. The same thing in a modified degree may occur in a

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General Duties on Marches in India or the Colonies. — Before commencing

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Prepared and submitted by John E. Thrasher, J.D., Vice President

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majority of patients with pulmonary emboli obstructing 50%

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tissues declines to 4u mol/Gm, it is inadequate for

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Representative portions of all the tumor masses were

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1 1 calculated the work done by the sledge-parties in the Arctic Expedition of 1875-76,

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amount of phthisis in the army. The influence of masturbation in pro-

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history was not his only contribution to society. He was a

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1 See Mr. Rogers Field's evidence, Annual Conference on the Progress of Public

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Within the past few years the problem of how to remove house waste

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tween water pipes and refuse pipes, there is a source of danger. But this

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falling inward, and capable of being pulled more or less up, and inclosing

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idea long held by Italian physicians. This would only be a still greater

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When one then appreciates that close to 5% of women will

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serving on this Mediation Panel. I have served on a

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Bitter taste, diarrhea, weakness, mental depression,

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and the insolubility of carbolic acid in a small quantity of water. In this

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bles them to do many things there with better economical results than the

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oarticipating physicians and faculty to evaluate the

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uses 160 watts to operate. When this is run day and night

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York Medical College, 1934; member AMA; died April 5,

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injured employee, the injured employee may seek medical

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physiologic impact of resection. These investigators

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Means of preventing Excrement Nuisances in Towns and Villages, New Series, No. 2,

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this, as in the plan of Messrs. Brooks & Son, of Huddersfield (see Fig. 92).

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erset Patent Trap," designed by Mr. Honeyman, and much used at Glasgow,

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Entertainments, outings and other social events are also

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Thus again gaining the controls he catapulted the little