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of time and the kidney goes to pieces very quickly, or a general
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subsiding with a critical sweat, and finally yielding to quinin. (2)
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who wish to do their duty by that organization and attend its meet-
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Albumosuria may be suspected when, after negative results with the
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in favor of the perpetuation of these colleges, claiming that they, above
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Diseases of the Joints and Spine. Marsh. $3.00. Chicago Medical
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be added temporary cyanosis and cough. The severity of the dyspnea
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posus, and bulky, cylindric, and apparently shortened extremities, are
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cles always escape, possibly owing, as Broadbent suggested, to the func-
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found in the pleuritic exudate. Inoculation of guinea-pigs Avith the
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varies with the degree of distention of the air-cells, even thoucrh addi-
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of French oil of turpentine may be given every fifteen minutes until 1
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which is rare, is the result of exposure to wet or cold or to the daily in-
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added to long trips, often extended his work hours far into the night. His
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creatized milk with brandy. DaCosta reported recently a number of
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extent. A necessary unfavorable consequence, however, on account of
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nervous system is undoubted, but the role it assumes is imperfectly known.
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rarely presented by the optic nerves, and ulceration of the cornea may
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ably reach the membrane through the general circulation. In most
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disease. The paroxysms are often accompanied by vomiting.
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bral vessels. Endocarditis occurs in the vast majority of cases of chorea,
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spasmodic contractions of the larynx may become so strong as to excite
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I have elsewhere reported one such instance.' When the decubitus can
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tention as a rule. Palpation elicits considerable sensitiveness in the
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exciting cause is exposure, particularly of certain portions of the body,
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calcic phosphate or ammonio-magnesic phosphate, and may possibly be
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appeared differed Avideiy in different diseases. Frequently the smallest
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to the course and duration of this affection, since these depend entirely
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