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mortality falls during the second year of service, and in the third is below

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of muscular exercise is produced on the lungs. The pulmonary circula-

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the public’s health and the code needs to reflect this change and the

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Precautions: If combined with other psychotropics or anticon-

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recurrence. The present study details results of ERA at the Comprehensive Cancer Center for the State

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output requiring a decrease in the dose of antihyperten-

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In 1934, Mitchell reported a 5-week-old girl with Klippel-

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other elements of climate have been acting on the English race in India,

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diarrhea and gastrointestinal transit time, degree of

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tions, especially as regards the women. Many women have been reclaimed ;

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earth thrown out should be arranged on three sides. It should be

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Schiebler and the production of such special issues as

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phate, with or without potassium permanganate, has been recommended

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As a result of the availability of a far less dangerous vac-

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1,000. In 1867 there were no admissions. The health of the troops would

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approved that the Florida Medical Association support clarifying

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Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center, Houston TX

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gram in an assigned work position in a clinical or research

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having suggested this embryo British sport as beneficial

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when they exist with gall stones and hiatal hernia the

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this information, the House of Delegates will be able to de-

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M.D., Surgeon, R.N., Proceedings of the Royal Society, Nos. 122-126, 139 (1869-72).

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water-closets, or to the drainage of middens and manure heaps.

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Suitable clothing ; plenty of cold drinking water (Crawford) ; ventilation ;

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tinued in operation during the interval of morning and afternoon service,

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building should in no case obstruct air and light from another, and each

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More recently, Greenfield and associates introduced a

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cluded in the phthisical mortality. If a correction is made for this, the

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job. You could be proud of yourself, you were doing the

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incubation 200 ul aliquots from each tube were layered on

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“A merry heart worketh good like a medicine.” This

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be overlooked amidst the presenting problems of a patient

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example, in the case of a novelist in this study, the young

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proximately one in 24,000 courses of treatment compared

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