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by Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci and staphylococci, non-

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land. There remain, then, only Tape-ioorms and Round worms for men and

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and the Female Climacteric. Drug Therapy. Sept 1976

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ried by the men, the larger vessels being taken in turn by the men of

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Sparkman, it felt that the Supreme Court did so based upon a finding

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diagnosis of pulmonary nodules has been successful and

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tachyarrhythmia control was observed by Fields, 20 in the

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availing themselves of these services. Perhaps with

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into this receptacle. The reburning of the mixture can be done in a gas

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monsoon blows from May to October ; it is hot and damp, and is consid-

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Sewage Question, the author of which has had the advantage of Dr. Letheby's notes and

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Jacksonville’s Fifty Years of Progress Association, Jacksonville, 1950

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cardiology orientation exercise programs of Dr. Jack

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deficiencies of general practice by providing intellectually

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The hair should be cut short. In the absence of water for washing,

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You see death and aging in your future. You must take

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with a single root injection is variable and depends upon

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excessive anxiety and thus help patients to cope more successtully.

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appropriation of only $500 for carrying out its provisions. Early in 1883

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get to travel to beautiful places away from telephones and

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the health, and the sooner all middens are abolished the better. The de-

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Hypertension, Dec. 11, Manatee Memorial Hospital Auditorium,

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• A long confrontation between HEW, now the Health and

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one of nine state journals selected by the State Medical Journal

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hospital is sent to the front. This cannot always be avoided. But when

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same for all nations, and other hygienic rules of clothing or exercise can be easily ap-

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Annual Review of Neuroscience with 31 contributing authors.

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“The benefits of the Medical Device Act of 1976 are

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Medicine; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Occupational Medicine;

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known, because we have no statistics of the civil amount. It is no doubt

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closely watch the electrical activity of the heart repeating

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Mean of the three summer months, 70.8° ; of the three winter months,

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Wallace A, Crozier, MD, FACA, Certified American Boards Pediatrics

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Dept of Pediatrics, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas

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