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forward current, with a velocity of two and a half feet per second. Other
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United States. In the course of interviews with many of
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2. Brown, A.L. : Pectus Excavatum: Anatomic Basis; Surgical T reatment of Incipient Stage in
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it, as seen through the glass in its sides, there was so much space for the
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carefully, but not far enough to uncover the corpse ; then one end of the
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recording of a carotid bruit is made at three levels in the
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served as a US Air Force flight surgeon. Following the war,
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of abrasion. .If there is no open wound, the atmospheric impurity seems
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against the yard fence, with some protection at the orifice, to prevent
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mg; also contains the following inactive ingredients: propylene glycol,
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no opportunity to discharge their sewage into the sea or some large river
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drome — occasionally have been terminated by lidocaine,
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band round the forehead fastened to the top of the weight.
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Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, The
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ridges, and the water is allowed to flow into the furrows, and not allowed to wet the
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2. Equations for calculating loading doses and infusion rates for lidocaine.
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overlooked. Whatever may be the exact amount of truth, we are bound
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TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physician’s Recognition Award. Contact LTC
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(rather than typical) price differentials are cited. Thus,
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