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with comments on Trendelenburg operation. Surg Gyn Obstet 59:513-517,

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4 Speert, H.: Unsuspected Cervical Carcinoma in Gynecologic Patients, Am. J. Obst. and

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professional staff of a contemporary staff- managed unit.

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to take a daily amount of exercise in some way, which shall not be less

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make any deduction uncertain. Cholera epidemics Dr. Buchanan consid-

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Esophageal dilation occurred in rats treated with lorazepam for more than 1 year

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Traditionally, physicians and the news media have been

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Hospital Family Practice Residency Program have elected to

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On the whole Atlantic coast from Penobscot Bay to the mouth of the

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I also hope, in closing, that you will find ways to

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publication in April 1979. The Guest Editor, Dr. Lewis A. Barness, and

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Problems in Rheumatology, March 12-15, Don CeSar Beach Resort

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find therefore examine the traps and lead bends which join the drain-pipes

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-25MH 2 0, the patient should be electively intubated

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standing above the highest level of the water in the curve, and if the water

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Boussingault ; Warington, Jour. Lond. Cheni. Soc, i., 74, 1878; Storer, Am. Jour.

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mocks touching each other, only 23 inches of lateral space being allowed

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It would therefore seem that illness may arise in India from excess of

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40. : What Value Human Life? JFMA 34:105, August 1947. (unsigned)

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of the late sequelae of myocardial contusions as well as

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effective dosage when satisfactory response is obtained Larger portion of daily dose may be

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pally of better water supply, sewerage, and town conservancy. The gen-

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An explanatory letter has been sent to all participating physicians.

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The Professional Insurance Management Company (PIMCO)

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Dr. Long, born in Georgia in 1815, studied medicine

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