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them to the stomach. According to the extension of this process, a

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spondent, we believe that the discussions in the Section of

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of the operation consists in so managing the knife that, aa

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Pain, 24— Emaciation, 42— Cough, 51— Dyspnea, 56— Edema, 58— Vomit-

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In reply to Mr. Eastes, Dr. Gage- Brown stated that the

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ant Physician ; must be F.R.C.P. or M.R.C.P.Lond. Applications to

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quite satisfactory, as I could not easily retain the aqueous

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The child was a male, full timed, well developed, and'strong.

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strain, to jolting in a conveyance, or to overfatigue. The onset

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about migraine is that the patients outgrow it, as it is uncommon for

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real reason for holding the inquiry was to find out whether

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she felt queer all over. Felt as if bed clothes were a dread-

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■tinctioa of a Companionship of the Order of St. Michael and

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the implantation of Eyelash. Dr. Swanzy ; The Combined

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to medicines that were already the subject of letters patent

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sodium. Small dark preofHtates (rf calcium and c^ bilinibin, derived

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therefore that some authoritative pronouncement may lieforo

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This bacillus can be recognized by its taking on special stains,

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sodium is combined with the ONO group, a slightly different

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may have to be carefully looked for and distinguished from ordinary

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May 27th) writes : I may add that in response to an inquiry made of the

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While endocarditis is always due to an infection, we may not be

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as we have said, Mr. Biggs was beaten, and the medical

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of the neck, drawing the head backward, set in early, and may then

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These men forget what warfare means Mr. Campbell-Bannerl

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that previous to any development in the limg the pneumococcus may

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writes : " It is the cause of deep regret to his colleagues and

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tricle, the first signs are paralysis of the lips, which remain open,

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tion of the person and disinfection of the clothes of the short-

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ditions are unequal. The Medical Stair is organised to meet the neces-

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that liigh frequency of alternation can render electrical

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thanks of the public and of the profession are due tor authori-

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cases present acute symptoms from the beginning, with pain, tenesmus,

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rate of progress of the growth, is increased tenfold. The

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made any complaint. He was, during part of the time,

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when a cat or dog is the subject of the experiment,

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becomes almost pathognomonic of cancer when it has the appearance