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2 Ed. 1749, torn, ii, p. 450 ; and 2d edit. torn, ii, pp. 415, 416.

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emergency room and treated as necessary in the ambulance.

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(cxxi). This is as convincing a proof of the lymphatic vessels

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beneath the nails, the legs and feet, as well as the finger webs.

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stance of importance ; but it can be altered by mixture with

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E^&'i oj diluents upon the survival oj vaccine virus at different temperatures {pulp emulsified

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in the human small intestine difler in shape at different periods of life.

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other. He saw blood rise eight to nine feet and vary one to

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methacin also has been shown to be extremely helpful in

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ciable interval between the completion of auricular systole and

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lymph that moistens such cavities, that its properties vary in

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it does not acquire a crust or size.^ May not this be explained

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Patients with neurocirculatory asthenia, or hyperventila-

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hypothesis, for air contains no nitre (vi). Indeed, nitre is far

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2. The lesion appears to be confined to the first phalangeal

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have become quite high, with employees' salaries, rentals,

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diminish the susceptibility to bowel complaints. The investigations

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current and retired employees. A cancer registry of all active

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Ornaf, I. Edward, M.D. (1908-1978)— Memorial Resolution

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In some observations, I found, like Dr. Davy,' but little connexion

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artery was ligatured in the third part of its course ; slipping

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after the 20th week of gestation in case the child is born alive. DIS-

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declare, " he could not find those vessels," and that, besides, I

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hospital tumor registrar or an individual in the medical

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grm. (5) Decant the suspension obtained into a well-stoppered glass bottle.

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York Bay, to lead poisoning in children in Elizabeth, to the

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had not had pain in any other part, and did not complain of

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experiments of this kind are prosecuted with industry, they

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water. (8) Mix the sticky residue obtained with ether, 1 c.c. for each

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him, I determined to make another trial to move the arm under