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VI. Dr Joseph Bell showed A TUMOUR OF the MAMxMA, which he

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reaction which occurs when anti-serum for ricin is added to a solution of ricin, but these

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III. An entire scapula and the outer third of the clavicle, re-

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It should be remarked that in the course of chronic myocarditis and

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Parasites of the Chafiinch {Fringilla coelebs) and the Redpoll (Linota rufescens),"

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number of symptoms, which may also be observed when the drug is given

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risperdal and bipolar teens dd babikian

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barbituric acid, has the advantage of greater solubility in water, so

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Before reading his paper, Dr Duncan exhibited a fibrous tumour

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privileges of the Universities and Corporations being left in all other respects

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Neuberg and Reicher, "Lipolyse, Agglutination und Hamolyse," Biochem. Ztschr., 1907, 4, p. 281;

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M. et sig. — ^/^-l tablespoonful at night in a cup of orange tea.

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observations on that Report on the approach of your ordinary session.

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Dog No. 166. — September 27, 1909: Inoculated into trachea (strain No. 169).

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hydatid disease. Dr Thorarensen had by that time made his name

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All of the animals shown in the following table were vaccinated

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the body, somewhat similar to very mild massage. They have the advan-

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ated a few minutes after the child was expelled. There was no

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objections, however, have in some measure been removed by the

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Italian authors recommend the use of adrenalin given subcutaneously

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upon a milk diet, which is afterward changed gradually to a very light

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or two grammes (15 to 30 grs.) ought to be administered. It may

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intrathoracic pressure is greater than that of the atmosphere, bubbles

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tubercle bacilli or their products. A number of sera are available for this

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