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following adenoid operations in patients who were suf-
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does not disappear under pressure. In places there are
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was anesthetic and the ether administration was discontinued
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within 12.5 cm. of the external ureteral orifice. Deducting
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French visitors expressed a very natural surprise at the con-
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other diseases how readily people in general refer their
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nosis probably saved the patient from a general peri-
good response to faradic stimulation — the vigor of the
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Db. W. 6. Macdonald, of Albany, N. Y.. reported two cases
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movable kidney is to take into consideration the body
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the like, as making a cancer "more fierce and raging," while
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rience to see patients who have taken the baths in their
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rendered his bills at regular charges each month, Mr. Magee,
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Dr. JTames Stewart, of Montreal, at the meeting of the
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Dixon, who notices the effect of castration, its influence on
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in his report for 1899, recommended that the Congress