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inasmuch as they thought it produced pus. Now it is called the Limit-

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The Art of rhotography by this Process developed for Amateors and Beginnen.

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empycuui. Bronchitis, pneumonia, and gangrene may be excited in the

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Yellow fever is a portable disease, and usually prevails in cities and

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upon oxidation in the tissues and glands, is regulated by a thermogenic

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are associated with low temperature or are developed with extreme rapidity,


a very rapid course and are so alarmingly fatal, since the poisons are

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Tlie spleen is usually found much enlarged. The aMominal cavity is

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traction is made, and the dislocation reduced, when the frag-

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The deposit occurs first and most ubund*ii»tly in ilw iiittncllular ti.^Huc ;

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testinal anastomosis is advisable, or where there is severe injury to the

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surroundings of each patient should be carefully noted, also the hygienic

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lowed by a rapid elevation of temperature ranging from 103° F. to 105° F.,

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thirty-six hours after the operation, otherwise scarring will result. The

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there is either uniform dilatation or a pouch, sometimes as large as an