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The quality is, however, dependent upon the geological character of the

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ance. The Light Division march is so excessive (62 miles in twenty-six

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changes in libido, nausea, fatigue, depression, dysarthria, jaun-

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risk. Incidence of toxicity increases at serum levels greater than 20 mcg/ml.

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1 In Dr. Aldridge's patent the handle cannot be pulled up until the lid is shut down ;

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Societies, in Chicago, October 1978; and the Liaison Committee on

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1 . Allenby CF, Main RA, Marsden RA: Effect on adrenal function of topically

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Louis B. St. Petery, M.D., Asst. Editor Tallahassee

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Membership Education — Patient Care Evaluation Studies

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tion. Paradoxical reactions (e^g^, excitement, stimulation and

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years phthisis has declined ; enteric fever, on the contrary, increased up to

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pack, the arm- straps of which so pressed on the axillary nerves and veins

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Dr. Spoto is Director of Coronary Care Unit, Tampa General Hospital

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supervising and coordinating the accreditation process in

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and in this respect it is invaluable to the soldier, and should be largely

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1 Abridged from Dr. Farr's Life Tables. Some interesting information will be found

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ing physicians is steadily increasing. However, continuing

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of the active agent in the body, are more in accordance with the hypothe-

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address requests to the Book Review Editor. Following

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Deer Park General Hospital, 4525 Glenwood, Deer Park, Texas 77536

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(5) " This trap was removed and a Cudell trap substituted, such as is

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Hepatobiliary Disease, Mar. 27-29, Americana Hotel, Bal Harbour.*