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one ; even with every care, the vast heaps of putrefying material which ac-
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them in many towns gives way before accumulated evidence of the pre-
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used for flushing, being dammed up at one point by a flushing gate, and
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ten years, 1837-46; while in the eight years, 1859-66, they were only
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where a suitable opportunity can be found, within a reasonable distance,
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by most of the boards, with marked success in many instances. The cases,
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composed of one-storied wooden houses connected by an open corridor. As soon as a
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penicillinase-resistant penicillins should not be relied on for
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fore reproducing, in part or in whole, any material published in Texas
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on some elementary points of statistics, which are necessary to secure the
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are beginning to draw attention to this problem (see New England Journal
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of precaution, and no theoretical arguments that the water is not to blame
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sation of giddiness and nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, severe abdominal pain, all of
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was able to meet the contingencies which occurred with its ordinary ap-
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and breadth ; in length often as much as -fattx, in breadth even more. In
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particularly in patients with pre-existing liver disease
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cessfully sued the hospital on a legal theory similar to one
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has saved many choking victims, and for his work in
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ensure that HDCV is available for all high-risk rabies ex-
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food, but it is not the regulation ration which produces it, but the addi-
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finity of debris, organic and inorganic, which constitute the dust of a large
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ing fog or dew, it contains carefully measured by means of the graduated
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psychiatrists for vacancies in state mental hospitals and state schools
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$Not all isolates may have been tested using both discs.
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arranged in the same way in peace and war, as a means of training the
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in conjunction with the Annual Convention of the Southern Medical Association.
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ment of hypokalemia since chloride and potassium deficiencies
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be treated with a single effective antibacterial agent rather
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but in winter it is sometimes used constantly, so as to store up nourish-
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these limits, who suffer a more intense average heat or cold.
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stituted for wheat. The Hindu diet consists of wheat, or of some of the
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chest roentgenogram is quite helpful as air is seen in a ret-
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treatment is administered for the protection of the individual,
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overcrowding is yet uncertain. 1 The preventive measures may be thus