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3 See Mr. William Eassie's Healthy Houses (2d edition) for much information on this
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there is need of Government transports for healthy men, the necessity is
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cal Arts Hospital of Houston for the past 1 7 years.
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their own and others' sakes, the regulation of the passions which physi-
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influenced by war, it is clear that the diminution which might have been
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The amount for storage room is, for an hospital of 100 sick —
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penia Miscellaneous A variety of miscellaneous adverse reactions
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and dysentery) be thus produced. But this is owing to mismanage-
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ventricular arrhythmias. The development of a ventricu-
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Great dryness of the air appears to have a directly curative influence over
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The goal of the clever 75 act was achieved with a high degree of overkill. Local administration with variable
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waste products of which are hurtful to agriculture, many of the substances
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other may be used ; the outlet being at the lower level.
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• Well tolerated. The most common side effect with Motrin
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ed boxes of 25, and in boxes containing 10 strips of 10;
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house filters, and air is allowed to penetrate the filter occasionally, an oxi-
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Water Hotel.’ This is just a possible explanation.”
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Head-Dress. — The head-dress is used for protection against cold, wet,
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Cardiology- 1974). A review of fourteen comprehensive
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pressures are greater than 110 mm Hg. Gee 13 reports an
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of prevention were simply impossible — as impossible as at present in many
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ground beef and rice which we ate with our fingers for
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Sanitary engineers consider that an unusual smell is generally the first
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parents and nurses were often blamed for negligence in
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ly deadly narrow district has to be got through, such as a Terai, at the foot
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1,000 in Canada. The admissions from pneumonia were also higher, but
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more, it must be recognized that underserved urban areas
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