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patient can physiologically tolerate pneumonectomy, the

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Rubella and Measles Control — Endorsed the Rubella and

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Use in ambulatory patients: Empirin with Codeine may impair the mental and/or physical abilities required for the

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indicate the purpose of this acitivity in the Board of

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Zinc sulphate was found to have no germicide value in a solution of twenty

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the year sank to 102. The 4th battalion of the Rifle Brigade showed the

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14. Sautter RD: Massive pulmonary thromboembolism: experience with 12

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request is by the parent or guardian and the school

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May 21-22, 1979, immediately prior to the FMA Annual Meeting.

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These wards are one story in height, are not in contact with any other

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localized or disseminated neurodermatitis, lichen simplex

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hospitals on shore, and who remembers the imperfect arrangements on

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such arrangements safe without a large outlay in safeguards, and even then

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Winds, as a general rule, tend toward the area of low barometer as a

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than the combination. Note The increasing frequency of resis-

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overlaying was, according to a recent historian, “the

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related compounds,- lesions of the eye; tuberculosis of the skin,

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are striking, the value of bypass is still questioned by

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tions if the patient is appropriately managed medically.

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(a) In the earliest periods the mortality from chronic bronchitis was in-

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Letheby gave it as 155.8 grains, or from 186 to 189 grains of ammonia, i.e.,

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20. Kellum, B A.: Infanticide in England in the Later Middle Ages, Hist. Child. Quart. 1:367

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the cloth should be of uniform texture, without holes ; when folded and