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of Delegates at its meeting in May 1978. The following summarizes the

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Bengal proper the Sepoy mortality is higher than in Europeans, while in

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Abbe Ledbetter Memorial Lecture. Clinical Science Auditorium, UT

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beat was in the sixth left intercostal space, 2 cm outside

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weighing more than 20 Kg should be given the adult dose Administer

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Entertainments, outings and other social events are also

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opinion that the patient has been in the hospital too long.

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researches recognized SIDS as a distinct entity, and the

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method by aspiration. The wheel of Desaguliers was introduced into

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eter \ of an inch, thereby reducing the sectional area of a four-inch pipe

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amounts under the 8S and 4S regions were added. The

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program. This matter will be taken up in more detail at the next meeting

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7th Annual Selected Topics in Urology, Feb. 28-Mar. 1,

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is directed into one or other channel as may be required. Everything is

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time as a past president of the association, I sat on the

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1st. When a single long and heavy march is undertaken when the men

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nitrogen being given, it should be contained in vegetable or animal food ?

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The separation of the borderline states from the schizo-

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FMA at the outbreak of World War II, demonstrates that age is just a matter of the mind. . .

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retain their potency. It is more likely that solid matters should thus re-

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tle attention seems to have been paid to the head-dress of the infantry,

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Baker, the energetic Secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health, give

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P wave, widening and slurring of the QRS complex, changes of the

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immunizations, McDonald’s has indicated an interest in making this

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after graduating at the head of her class from Geneva