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Regulations. — No specific instructions are laid down in the "Medical

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the amount among the civil population. In the European population, gen-

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22. Medieval Handbooks of Penance, McNeil, J. R. and Gamer, H. M.,trans., New York, 1938.

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that is used in the water-blasts, for ventilating mines.

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increase in the size of the calf which is recorded by the

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double-blind studies involving therapeutic uses of such drugs as heroin

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freest from mineral matters, while calcareous formations usually give up

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recommended that a penicillinase-resistant penicillin be used as

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suffers, acquires in a few years some special constitution which relieves him

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Hospital Issues and the Joint Commission— Jim Bob

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36. King, R. J. B ; Hayward, J. L.; Kumaoka, S., and Yamamoto, H : Comparison of Soluble

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there is also arrangement for carrying off foul gas by means of a pipe communicating

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championship at Florida and later a southeastern tennis

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"HI. That streams become so foul when used as receptacles for sewage,

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work of the heart, muscles of respiration, digestion, etc. , has been variously

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encourage its member physicians to help moderate increases in

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constitute the thesis of this text. The last chapter details

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disease of the gastrointestinal tract (as in achalasia, pyloro-

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