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disappear on continued medication or on decreasing dose In a sample of about 3.500 anxic

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of rain about 74 inches ; the greatest amount falls in May with the S.W.

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mg trimethoprim and 800 mg sulfamethoxazole, bottles of 100;

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In this chapter we can, of course, only venture to enumerate very briefly,

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present, by Todd L. Savitt, Ph.D., of the University of Florida School of

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place at 15 months of age. When there is a likelihood of

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largely due to dilution, and the fact that a river seems to have purified

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operation, 10 days later, a tantalum plate, with numerous

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in the Khasyah Hills. Even in our own country the hot air from the

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erysipelas ; dysentery (in some cases) ; puerperal fever ; syphilis ; gonor-

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October 16. 1918. Second-class postage at Jacksonville, Florida

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accomplished in poor risk patients. Mediastinoscopy

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Men must have rewards, and feel that earnest endeavor on their part to

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Contraindicated : Known hypersensitivity to the drug. Children

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extended in several of the European armies. In peace, their first cost is

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scale is graduated by wetting the hair for complete saturation, and by

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most to a level with the acetabulum. The effect was striking, but the waste

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Since the state in which graduate medical education is taken

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fact that in four years, 1863-66, 74 men died from phthisis in the Bombay

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and at stations where observations are made only once a day, viz., at 9 A.M., or even

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(lore amenable to treatment. It is at this stage that

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The Russians marched in the expedition to Khiva, in 1873, 468. 7 miles

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against the yellow fever of that, does not protect against the disease in another locality.

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abrupt withdrawal may be associated with temporary increase in

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and she was hospitalized again in August, 1973. The

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tion is taken, the freest perspiration is then necessary to keep down the