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sick soldier under the control of the medical officer. He is directed to
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cap. 2) says the Romans took great care that the men should be well supplied with
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medicine, research, education, and administration are coordinated to provide a unified system of health
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White, 19 laboratory enzymes, roentgenograms, and radi-
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buildings, with thorough cross ventilation, with the sleeping-rooms raised
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Eight palanquin bearers carried an officer weighing 180 lb, and palanquin weighing
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7 Glancy, D.L ; Yarnell, P., and Roberts, W.C.: Traumatic Left Ventricular Aneurysm.
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A shorter vent pipe of same size, or a larger one of same length, would of
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It is found that wherever the streets are paved and the traffic is large,
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The amount of work, the time it occupies, its relation to the quantity of
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Jacksonville in 1936 to be associated with Drs. Edward
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to new hospital. Contact Howard L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic,
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found in patients receiving Zyloprim. It is not known
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times lasting only a few hours to a day or two, was puzzling,
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William Davenport, M.D., Miami, Secretary; Richard S.
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sternum in the anterior mediastinum is employed for
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condition which has existed since ancient times and
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programs are similar but significantly different. They are
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continuing development of meaningful standards, and
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natal clinic and patients look to the hospital for their health
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fever of the Western Hemisphere are varieties of the same disease, pro-
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mg/kg over 3 minutes) to avoid apnea or prolonged somnolence, can be
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consent form signed from a patient whose condition is