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and the editors will consider development of a column.

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Constantinople were assigned to them, and they were arranged with all the

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Where gastrointestinal or cardiovascular disorders coexist with anxiety, note that lorazepi

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1. Dietrich, E.B.; Garrett, E.; Ameriso, J.; Crawford, E.S.; El-Bayer, M., and DeBakey,

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54° Fahr.), 239.91 cubic inches per minute, while in the tropics (= 82°

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AMA House of Delegates voted in July to withdraw entirely from the

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deaths were considered a social rather than a medical

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The Florida Medical Foundation has agreed to participate in the American Medical

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detailing perineal prostatectomy: “We soon become tired of

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soldier almost always buys additional food, and often eats much more than

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Award Contact Marilyn Rennels, Office of Continuing Education,

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22. Kessler RE, Falkenstein DB, Clemett AR, et al: Indications, clinical

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article. Again, this volume will be of primary interest to

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these alternative procedures and the prospects for their

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4 Muller, W.H. Jr. and Hyman, M.: Valvulotomy for the Surgical Relief of Aortic Stenosis,

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levarterenol or phenylephrine hydrochloride and not

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can be investigated. Reduction of energy demand can be

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feet wide, and 10 feet high, but can be made of any length. The field

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so far in suppressing the adulteration of foods and drugs in this country.

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the Annual Meeting Brief or other appropriate publication annually.

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infections caused by pneumococci, Group A beta-hemolytic

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bronchospasm associated with chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

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that any conclusion opposed to acclimatization must be considered as based

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position to expect that the water, after the subsidence of the deposit, will