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rise according to the strength of stimulation, and the marked
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ratorios y alimenticios. La invasi6n del territorio perif^rico
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ma}^ be dangerous to himself or others. After recovery of the mental fac-
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noticed a few of my ideas concerning the medicine in question, I
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continues on the side affected Avith hemiplegia, is thus explained by
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gives the results of the microscopical examinations in 4G6 bodies dead
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Lab. de Inves. Biol, de la Univ. de Madrid, T. 4, p. 79.
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which rendered the operation necessary, and which were obvi-
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these atypical brains; enough has been done, however, if we have
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pulses of the particles of the fluid in motion within. The motion
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provement varies much in different cases. Persons with permanent hemi-
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2. A longitudinal fold of skin is then to be pinched up at one
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the pain, as shown by temporary redness of the conjunctiva in cases of
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vanced, although the pigment does not extend the maximal dis-
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The sound is heard in permanent patency of the mouth of
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The surface of the kidne}- is smooth, and it has been called the large
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paraplegia, and general spinal paralysis ; and, lastly, glosso-labial para-
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A young woman aged 25 years, was attacked with pain in
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causes ; but mainly to peculiarity of habit. Typhus is caused
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it would have been had these same persons been taken care of at
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surface. The thermometer shows, as a rule, to which there are no excep-
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bably destro3^s the miasm. Some facts appear to show that the disease
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The apex, or 'Kopfplatte' of Held, the ' Innenpf eilerzellen-
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great violence and much relief; the bone was carious to the ex-
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sented more highly magnified in figure 8, but this does not show
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made of the influence of these movements upon blood-pressure.
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d'^ctor this work was much more useful than tlie larger
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exemplifying the law of parallelism. More or less gradually the affection
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cords, in such cases as those under consideration ; but there
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the posterior portion of the olfactory bulb, foiu* strands of fibers
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side of the root of the penis and divided transversely. The
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nictation and movements of the ejes generally continue. The j^ulse is
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aside from the improbability of this faculty- being seated in either hemi-
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comes next under consideration. Writers speak of two kinds,