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mucous surfaces. It is a soothing, stimulating, astringent tonic,
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adults, with this drug and ferrum phos., no other drugs being
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1908. Conner, Lewis A., 121 East 62d St., New York.
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pleural effusion its lower margin is not changed by very deep
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flow is also augmented. This does not imply any automatic
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touch of a bell; but the average practitioner, with
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sudden transition from a cold to a hot climate induces a feverish
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the free oxygenized air to urge the circulation, and rouse
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uterine muscles, and in this way increases expulsive power and
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most of the proud flesh can be removed in the same maa-
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mucous membranes of the bladder and urethra. In these small
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ciety reports three hundred cases successfully treated, sixteen
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Prodromoia of Paralysis. — M. Brier e de Boismont read
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available, should have been cotemporaries of Columbus
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tion is almost immediate, and one or two doses of thirty drops
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from thirty to seventy mm. Hg. ; while in the carotid it was
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burns. Burns are dressed by applying muslin cloth saturated
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made, but I have never seen one. I found in the ]N^ew York
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heart as she looked to the future, for she knew they would
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in Moravia, also deserve special mention. Schlangenbad,