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In the American College of Allergists, Dr. Klotz has
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Contact Talton Francis, El Paso Medical-Surgical Associates, PA, 10301
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chloride, 1.648 to the litre, 1 CC. of which equals 1 mgm. of chlorine.
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pulse generator. The threshold of stimulation was 0.5
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instructions for the preparation of the medication and the
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not give rise to long-lasting active metabolites. As with all
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viously served as associate director of the oncology program
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Incoming President Richard S. Hodes, M.D., presents the official portrait of retiring President O. William Davenport, M.D.. to
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motility to the point of producing a paralytic ileus and the use of
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retrograde conduction or even reciprocating tachycardi-
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the patient at death, to be helpful, to be assured of the
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Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville. For information: C. M. Phillips,
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levels. Other: Dizziness, weakness; fatigue; headache; weight gain or los I
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ning under the risers ; an opening in the riser, at each seat, discharges a
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distended than prior to the biliary drainage procedure (Fig 6B).
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Dr. Donald Nikolaus of Pinellas County; Dr. Charles
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are often in one ; magazine ; barrack-masters' and quarter-masters' stores
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Hall, Tampa. For information: R. V. Farese, M.D., University of South
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fingerprinted, our clothes and belongings searched, and
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may be left to the campaign to accustom the men to exposure, but this is
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previously inoculated with killed vaccine may develop
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mg, 10 mg and 25 mg-bottles of 100 and 500: Tel-E-Dose®
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but research, treatment, and prognosis show the category is
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Presidents for the FMA organizational issue of JFMA which appeared
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those twenty and older. The average age was fourteen.
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formed of a raking siphon, and about two feet of open channel pipe, built
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deal of very important information is given in this little book.
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A phthisical sanitarium, at an altitude of 10,000 feet, would be likely to
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too hot. H it is, the air acquires a peculiar smell, and is said to be burnt ;
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lungs must be perfectly free ; not the least impediment must be offered to
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NCI Monograph No. 34, Washington, D C., U. S. Government Printing Office, pp. 55-70,
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In connection with Dr Michael T. Kelly’s report on the increas-
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the program’s acceptance rate of 71 %, when compared with
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The Medical Department of the Privy Council issued a Memorandum
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of the men, in which case even the regulation ration is too much. The only