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The test, though of some value, is by no means entitled to the implicit

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director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at St

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effected by aspiration, by a separate chimney for each ward. There is a

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Foundation for the Administration of the State Emergency Medical

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study, however, led at that time to the still more novel and valuable con-

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reputable dealers, or secure himself against pecuniary loss by demanding

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relative benefit /risk should be considered before treating these children. Vermox is

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Dr Carpenter is correct that following a diet limited in cho-

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Abstract: There are many psychiatric patients in Florida who need not cycle in and out of state mental

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tions by making the violation of them a misdemeanor. These rules

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produced, would have been more difficult in this issue

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the rest of the body, and both voluntary muscles and heart waste. This is the case,

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pressures are greater than 110 mm Hg. Gee 13 reports an

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that a man who has once had the disease is a source of danger, and should

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pneumothorax (24 percent total, 14 percent requiring

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trap, but it is so inefficient that it ought to be given up. The

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ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) has been effective-

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EKG Interpretation and Arrhythmia Management, Nov. 2-4, Don

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The fallen Dr Handy, an esteemed physician of territorial

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alumni relations program. The University System must

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internship atTouro Infirmary. During World War II, Dr Jondahl

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jiendent in part on the temperature of the external air. It seems certain

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gang fight at the age of 14. An interval chest x-ray at the

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Females outnumber males by about 4:1 and children are af-

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6th Annual Virginia Apgar Seminar, Obstetric and Pediatric