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bro-spinal system; in effect, on making pressure between the occiput and atlas

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fresh air and sunlight; insufficient brushing; wetting the

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affection of the inspiratory, specially intercostal muscles, and a spasmodic con-

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Symposium on Disturbances in Fluid and Electrolytes

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whom he wished to be engaged, became totally deaf. The signs

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laginous parts of the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs, in which

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historical review of the subject. He says the best and truest


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that, therefore, it has not been satisfactorily shown that either

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or two others of less importance, scarcely detract from the

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cholera. Dr. Begbie recommends a trial of tbe bromide, on the ground

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dium of adhesions. Delpech has well described the characters of the tissue of

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volume now before us. For, in an introductory lecture given at

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it was round the shoulders; and in one between the thighs, the breech presenting

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personal interest in the patient and his family. . . .

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The female prison is situated on dry and elevated ground, and its inmates are

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right time. The pains were severe, and the membranes ruptured, but the deli-

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condition of the viscera, since although considerable time had elapsed after

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mammals can seldom have an opportunity of infesting themselves,

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elles avaient toujours ete tres puissantes." — Annates cf Hygiene, April, 1840.

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Yearsley's erroneous supposition, that the affection arises in consequence of dis-

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begun to subside. In one very severe case, as the inflammation left the

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This idea is repelled with great indignation by Raspail, and he speaks in the highest

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In conclusion, we may state, that several infants were vaccinated for the first

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' The reader will find the details of a fatal case of chorea in a girl, »t. 13,

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gated as in the sixth month. I enjoined rest in the horizontal position, and

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sist on a mixed diet, appear to be most liable to entertain trichinsa ;

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which the small rough kidney is found. There are three morbid

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paid. We trust, however, that our professional brethren in

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severe inflammatory fever. The predisposing causes of inflammatory fever

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Sixpsov, J. Bbaxtok Hicks, M.D., and John Binoland, M.D.

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