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this drink to the patient because they consider it medicated.
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cumference. In opacity of the cornea, moreover, in which vision is ob-
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SensMv and Chemical Properties. The salt is in octohcdral or more
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muscles of the trunk. The trembling is often violent, particularly on the
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system in health. 4 It now remains to consider them more especially in
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The milk of the rein deer is said to be a very exquisite
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Secretions— Perspiration— Pulmonary Exhalation — Mucous Secretions-
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suffice to save a man from becoming a poor, mean- °° enoug .
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percolation. Any one can perform this process. Introduce an ounce
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to which the remark applies; and these are the very artictcA which
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secretions or depositions, and stimulating the disintegrating process, so
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the long retention of the medicine in the tissues, as shown by the expe?
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system, He must know equally well the state of his patient's
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a gas is formed. When the paste is then exposed to a heat
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uations of the fully formed disease, opium is the remedy mainly to be
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to tonic medieiues, are applicable to ibis remedial measure. In a state of
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Bischoff and Long, 1939; Wallace et al., 1944; Fuller et al., 1941;
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iLiT. '" ;•■ I- ■ ■ V L'- ' *■• .".' \ ■. • >.■: ". ii- •.'•—•.'• :.'■.»
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great measure by repetition, or the secondary are so mingled with the
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Raspberries, Gooseberries, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapes, &c.
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them, to a certain exUnit, mutually antidotal in cases of poisoning from
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sure, is baked by the natives into cakes, which, after having
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order to affect the system, as for example by rubbing the medicine upon
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f^tances might have other powei-s in addition, such as the narcotic and
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action. Thus, tartar emetic is stimulant to the skin or mucous coat of
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•olrfaig a flaidoance of the oil in fifteen fluidounces of stronger alcohol
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to have been employed successfully without other measures, two flui-
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3d. The astringent wines, or those containing a large quan-
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ture; and there are two officinal preparations intended exclusively for
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when the wonted stimulus has been withheld, and have almost as con-
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ceptible of nnlimited exaltation, and that there is a point beyond which
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sent for from a different quarter, and promptly arrested the affection. It
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or with other substances, that arrack or rack is principally
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used as Clothing — Fur — Silk — Wool — Cotton and Linen— Flannel next
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perfectly innocuous. The other shell fish, as the cockle,