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A short notice of inflammation of the coecum, is followed by a chapter on
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mond emulsion we combined tartar emetic and nitrate of potash, both antiphlo-
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needles, brazed on curved, lacquered brass plates provided with
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portunities did not enable him to investigate, we shall present some
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long tolerance of anginoid pain. In each of these men, this w r as the
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the presence of a clot, for if an unabsorbed coagulum remained in the situation
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equal and proportionate of other parts has not gone on: and here we
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symptoms, pericolonic adhesions, and adhesions from the gall-
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intermittens" has been applied to the one variety of vasomotor
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thin watery liquid, containing rounded irregular masses. There
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well, M. D., Professor of Pathological Anatomy in the University of Lon-
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centum. The years 1835 and 1832 are the lowest next in order, both iu
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1911 and 1912 was the number large enough to exert a decided
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lung tissue, either primarily or secondarily. Of these five cases, two
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the catamenia appeared, and she was discharged on the 12th quite well.
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the whole circle of medical literature which is more deserving of their patron-
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was present in the stools and urine. In 7 cases in which no urobilin
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In illustration of the first, or angle of origin, Dr. Aitkin exhibited a prepara-
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ance of the irritation of the ligature will endanger the inflammation passing to
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106 Boott on the Life and Opinions of John Armstrong, 4*c.
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geon in Ormiston, and the friends of the child, the head was again measured,
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evacuation, and at midnight the patient expelled, without effort or pain, a fleshy
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in 2 c.c. of normal salt solution and slowly introduced into the
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an entirely different light on the epidemiology. Wickman brought
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cited; more blood is admitted than in the healthy state; and by the observations
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months before admission. The appetite became poor, and he had lost
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Table XII. — The Relation of Moderate or Marked Arteriosclerosis to Causes of
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ture and vitality of the tissues in which it occurs. It affords a strange
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try, Dr. Boott goes into an examination of the question of the iden-
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formed. There are several circumstances which favour tlie absorption of the
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the pneumonia and the brain condition which of and by itself
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■was extremely feeble throughout the whole extent of the right side,
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the filth pair, is (according to Panizza) that the movements of the first are, as it