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whenever he desires, a very fortunate accomplishment for his
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ratory Medicine of The Medical Society of the State of Pennsyl-
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The most rational method of constitutional treatment is one
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nodules over the distal phalangeal joints of the fingers.
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complaint, and it rendered him almost unconscious. He insisted
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for venereal diseases except by a physician’s prescrip-
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phases of this all-important pair of conditions, the sum- j
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restraints upon physicians affiliated with Group Health
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Price and Rationing Board eager to provide for phy-
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tion was filed against C. R. Hawn and on Oct. 6, 1942,
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“This very high cure rate must, however, be care-
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wholly due to the products of the microbic action; the older the
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year as compared to expenditures of $10.18, $6.00, and
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who have been permitted to take up the practice since, we find men
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biliary tract from our hospital files, and found only
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The treatment of diabetes depends logically upon the
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Gemmill, president, introduced the guest speaker, Dr.
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where patient refuses operation. Also, it is advisable
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